Focus Areas

Kuehnle AgroSystems, Inc. (KAS) provides algae for use in a number of applications and production environments. Our company focus is on developing products for the following market areas:  

Skin and Personal Care and Specialty Chemicals

Wastewater Treatment with CO2 Capture

Aquaculture and Animal Nutrition  

Our focus on successful product development may involve optimization targets such as an ability to thrive in a range of temperatures, water qualities, salinities and fresh water, nitrogen utilization and custom sources of organic inputs for heterotrophy and mixotrophy. Trait stacking is also a foundation in our selection program. 

KAS offers a unique set of algae originating from pristine water and ecosystems of Hawaii. Our unialgal axenic isolates also include samples imported from other locations and collections.  We continually add new germplasm to our collection and evaluate each strain for its unique value. Each accession is fingerprinted by DNA sequencing. Cryopreservation of all accessions ensures genetic integrity and reliable performance year round. In addition to basic culture requirements, a complete proximate analysis is performed for each accession including: fatty acid profile, total fat (AH) crude protein, amino acid profile, digestibility, ash, moisture, carbohydrate, fiber, metals and minerals.

KAS has already field-tested cultivars with major customers in the biofuels space (at over one million liter volumes) as part of various US federal and state government-funded algae research projects (DARPA, USDA, ONR, DOE).  All have performed favorably and our partners are now using KAS proprietary cultivars in demonstration scale grow-out. Our cultivars are also being used on carbon capture and wastewater treatment projects and we have multiple algae products formulated for aquaculture and increasingly for personal care.