Our Technology

Let the algae experts loose!

Our technologies taken together form a platform that allows us to develop, preserve and ship live and processed algae for a number of applications. 

Kuehnle AgroSystems, Inc. (KAS) has numerous patents and patent pending supporting various traits, products and processes. Applications include specialty bioproducts and renewable chemicals, aquaculture feed, biofuels, and wastewater treatment including carbon capture. Our technology and know-how allow for strain screening and selection from a growing strain library and accompanying relational database. Products have already been developed and many more are in the pipeline. 

Our intellectual property (“IP”) includes:

  • Use of natural cultivars such as Elite Algae®, MightyMeal®, Roti-Fare™.
  • Isoprene and isoprenoid metabolic engineering.
  • G-POS™ Gene Positioning Strategy for promoter-less stable chloroplast expression of product.
  • Intergenic Spacer Region (IGS) strategy for stable nuclear expression of algae products, overcoming a major roadblock for stable nuclear transgenic algae.
  • Other synthetic genetics platform strategies and traits for biotech algae products.
  • Use of “green” solvent for oil extraction and protein enrichment of post process biomass.

Our technology platform offers unique benefits including:

  • Best algae production lines and proprietary algae cultivars for increased performance and reduced associated costs for product development for our target markets. 
  • Quality assured algae certified by a Certificate of Analysis with every shipment to meet manufacturing quotas with high quality product. 
  • Next-generation algae production lines and genetic improvement technologies.
  • Germplasm banking of proprietary algae strains once developed.  

For more information on KAS technology including licensing opportunities, please contact us