KAS Live and Processed Algae for Multiple Markets 

Kuehnle AgroSystems, Inc. (KAS) currently offers the following products and services with more in development.

Skin and Personal Care and Specialty Chemicals

KAS is currently developing algae-derived compounds for use in skin and personal care products with the first product launched in 2015 and subsequent products thereafter.

Additionally, KAS is developing an algae-sourced, specialized food and feed additive. 

Wastewater Treatment with CO2 Capture 

KAS has developed a proprietary, patented process that uses microbial consortia including our elite algae strains to convert refinery and other industrial solid wastes, effluent nutrient loads and CO2 into biomass (for co-generation) and bio-oils (for diesel and jet blendstock). KAS uses its microbial consortia including algae with innovative upstream and downstream deployments. This approach leads to an increase in the effectiveness of wastewater clean-up and a decrease in wastewater disposal costs.

In August 2012 we received recognition from the US Environmental Protection Agency for “our innovative work in producing algae for use in biofuels as part of the Pacific Southwest Region’s environmental awards program” (see the News section).  

Aquaculture and Animal Nutrition

KAS produces live and dry high-nutrition microalgae for hatcheries. Customers can reduce costs and achieve higher productivity by letting KAS provide scientifically formulated, quality-controlled algae feed. Two popular mariculture feed products are:

          KAS Microalgal Abalone Feed
         Specialized live microalgae used as settlement substrata for post-larval abalone. 

          KAS Roti-Fare
         This is a specialized high performance marine microalgae blend used for the production of rotifers.            

KAS Quality Control

KAS quality control begins with the production of our foundation algae seedstock, which involves the maintenance of axenic, unialgal tissue culture stock algae at the Kuehnle AgroSystems Culture Laboratory. Algae strains are maintained under cryopreservation or ambient proprietary “hibernation” and then scaled up as seedstock. 

All KAS algae shipments to customers include a Certificate of Analysis, which certifies that the product has passed the highest standards for viable cells, density, ABR (algae to bacteria ratio) and other (DNA fingerprint, Vibrio, unialgal).

Additionally products are packaged to ensure viability; inspected by appropriate regulatory authorities as necessary; and shipped with tracking information relayed to the customer.