KAS Debuts Novel Fermentation of Chlamydomonas for High Protein Products

Recent patent approval for a new fermentation process propels the well-known model species, Chlamydomonas, out of the lab and into a new world of commercial applications.  

Breakthrough Process

This places KAS as the first and only company to achieve a patented, scalable industrial manufacturing platform for Chlamydomonas by fermentation.

The breadth of the patent estate covers aerobic fermentation across a group of algae called the Chlamydomonadales, normally grown photosynthetically. The novel process uses the facultative heterotrophic nature of the cells to become powerhouse production factories under the right conditions of dark cultivation; no light is required.

Fermentation is an extremely fast process, producing 1 ton of product from seed flask in just two weeks.  It offers a very favorable land and water footprint compared to other plant proteins and employs software-controlled precision cultivation for best outcomes.

The patent estate enables a set of ingredients from Chlamydomonas and other species that are pivotal for plant-based foods and animal feeds.

High Protein Meatless Nutrition

The patented process can be used to make highly digestible and truly complete plant-based protein for the surging alternative protein markets using the algae Chlamydomonas.

As a whole food with excellent digestibility, KAS’s microalgae contains greater than 60% protein while delivering minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, flavors, and other components valued for foods, beverages, and nutraceuticals.

The company notes that the patented process covers production of additional ingredients for adding color, flavors, and vital nutrients to plant-based meat and seafoods. Colors of the algae produced by the process are described to range from red, yellow, and green to achlorophyllic.


KAS is actively seeking licensing and strategic partners to bring this exciting new technology to market.

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