Introducing MOLOKINI®, Hawaiian Portulaca Stem Cell Concentrate


The Hawaiian Islands are recognized the world over for valued botanicals with healing, nutrition, and beautification properties. This now includes MOLOKINI® with Hawaiian Portulaca Stem Cell Concentrate (INCI: Portulaca Molokiniensis Callus Extract), a unique ingredient for skin care.

With deep experience in plant tissue culture and a Central Pacific location, we tap into rare and unusual Polynesian and Asian plants found from sea level to the highest volcanic mountains. We apply proprietary processes to create plant stem cell extracts with potent bioactivity profiles known to benefit skin. The stem cells are cultivated under controlled laboratory conditions for the highest quality sustainable ingredients.

Portulaca molokiniensisis an extremely rare and endangered plant in its native habitat. We discovered stem cell cultures to be remarkably higher in phenolics than plants, with potent activity- based on in vitro tests- against reactive oxygen (free radicals) that can age skin. Fortified with anti-oxidants, the formulated ingredient containing the natural betalain-rich water extract of Molokini™ has moisturizing properties.  

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