Notice of Publication: USPTO 20180002711 Heterotrophic Production Methods for Microbial Biomass and Bioproducts


KAS received notice from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office that its patent application entitled “Heterotrophic Production Methods for Microbial Biomass and Bioproducts”, with inventors Robert J. Schurr and Adelheid R. Kuehnle has been published. The invention pertains to a method for synthesizing a product of interest by culturing a microalgal cell producing the product of interest in the dark in a culture medium comprising an organic acid as a fixed carbon source, wherein the microalgal cell is a facultative heterotroph. The product of interest can be a microalgal biomass, a pigment, terpene, recombinant molecule, or biogas. A method of identifying and isolating a microalgal cell having a preferred characteristic that is suitable for synthesis of a product of interest is also provided, the method comprising identifying and isolating a non-mutagenized or recombinant microalgal cell from a microalgal culture using a fluorescence activated cell sorting technique and/or a phototaxic response.