Our Algae and Botanicals Make Better Products.

Kuehnle AgroSystems, Inc. (KAS) is a Hawaii biotechnology company with a world-class team of professionals. We research, develop and produce specialty chemicals and raw materials to make life better.  Our customers include multinational corporations along with valued regional companies and brands that require novel bioactive/biofunctional ingredients or improved manufacturing for personal care products (e.g., cosmetic, skin care, supplements) and agri/aquacultural purposes (e.g., feed additives, crop protectants, quality control).

Active & Functional Ingredients
Cosmetic & Skincare Products
Agriculture & Aquaculture

Culturing Life at the Cutting Edge

KAS uses its extensive library of Hawaiian microalgal strains and exotic plant cell cultures (plant “stem cells”) to provide unique cross-disciplinary expertise in cell line creation, target maximization, and process scale-up methodology.  Industrial fermentation allows our ingredients to be cultured for highest efficiency and quality, and enables rapid access to markets by our partners. KAS works with its partners and customers to originate new concepts, and to discover and deliver preferred bioactives, colorants and other biofunctionals for their markets.


Notice of Allowance: Nuclear Based Expression of Genes in Algae
KAS is pleased to announce a notice of allowance for U.S. Patent Application no. 12/415904.
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Nikko Chemicals and KAS Product Launch
Nikko Chemicals and KAS have announced joint development and manufacturing of cosmetic raw ingredients derived from microalgae.
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Algae-mediated valorization of industrial waste streams
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Microalgae Crop Improvement: Tools for Quality Control and Molecular Breeding
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Strategic Alliances Create Path to Commercialization for a Microalgae-Focused Start-Up
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