Kuehnle AgroSystems, Inc. (KAS) curates a unique set of algae originating from pristine waters and ecosystems of Hawaii, as well as tropical botanical accessions representing plants prized by Polynesian voyagers. KAS has numerous patents and patents pending to support products and processes that meet natural products standards under strict quality control for applications in personal care ingredients and aquaculture feed. Our technology, know-how and relational databases allow for high-performance strain and ingredient development using flow cytometry, multivariate gene expression and bioactivity screening; active ingredient extractions, upgrades, and formulations; and process development to pilot manufacturing. Increasingly, food, feed and personal care industries are pivoting to fermentation-derived extracts to meet the demand for natural, high quality, yet less expensive ingredients.  We take this one step further by enabling robust commercial production on pulp and paper industry residuals. 

KAS intellectual property and products

◦ Fermentation manufacturing for natural botanical and algal ingredients.

◦ Culture medium containing volatile fatty acids and wood lignocellulosics.

◦ Isoprene and isoprenoid metabolic engineering.

◦ Pseudogene bioengineering strategy for chloroplast expression of product.

◦ Intergenic Spacer Region (IGS) strategy for stable nuclear expression of algae products, overcoming a major roadblock for transgenic algae.  Includes unique inducible promoters.

◦ Use of “green” ionic liquids for oil extraction and protein enrichment of biomass. 

◦ Wastewater treatment with CO2 capture.  This process that uses microbial consortia to convert refinery and other industrial wastes, effluent nutrient loads and CO2 into biomass and bio-oils (for diesel and jet blendstock). This innovative approach leads to an increase in the effectiveness of wastewater clean-up and a decrease in wastewater disposal costs, and was recognized in August 2012 by a Clean Technology Award to KAS from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

◦ Our raw materials are proprietary ingredients manufactured in-house. Check back for upcoming product launches!

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